When it comes to automobile if we could think about one latest technology that has made a car stand up to its purpose as automotive then it is the concept of self driving or the technology to put the car into an autopilot mode. This is considered to be the most groundbreaking technological advancement which car lovers have been awaiting for decades which shall put us into a really modern and sophisticated world. Another innovation are the concept of Electric cars which can run on an electric power and this is also considered to be another great innovation as it gave the new hope to use automobiles even if crude oil gets depleted and other forms of energy can be used to run a car.

An electric car that reduces the dependency on fuel power and a self drive car that reduces the dependency of a driver and so a combination of an electric car which can also self drive can be the pinnacle of automotive industry’s products. Another good thing in spite of the technological sophistication these cars are still priced at an affordable rate for any average car buyer. Hence, these cars as expected are now gaining popularity among car lovers as they shall help to save effort, fuel costs and time a lot.

At the same time, though these cars are really commendable like any other cars out there they still do pose a risk and that is chances to crash or getting crashed. Whenever there is a risk the only way to manage it is with the help of an insurance. Of course there is an option to cover the risks posed by these cars too through an exclusive or special insurance but even that comes out with a glitch which is discussed further. So, here is What You Need to Know About Insuring Your Self-Driving Car, when it comes to insuring any normal car the coverage would be for the car, its driver and passengers and in case of a crash the insurance would cover the first party who is insured through it and then then would cover the third party or other cars and people involved in the crash.

In any car accident there will be one person at fault and it is from them the claim will be made for compensation of damages as they are the ones to blame but in a self drive car which person is to be blamed for the crash or an accident and in case if two self drive cars collide then who will take the blame, the car owners or the passengers or the car manufacturer and because this ambiguity it is very complicated to get a self drive car insured and the complications are more during an insurance claim. So, when you go for an insurance for a self drive or an automated car look out for the exclusions of perils and risks and coverage and then make a decision over insuring your car using that policy.