Traveling has a lot of benefits to offer for people and a long travel such as a vacation can bring many good to us like improving our people skills, helps to keep ourselves sharp and alert, more creativity, a great way to relax and rejuvenate ourselves, and many more. Now, traveling to other countries can really help us to open our eyes and know more about other people lives, history, culture, new languages, more adaptable, improve our general knowledge, it also helps us to know ourselves better and not the least create lot of good memories.

Though there are many places to travel the best try would be to go abroad and see places as places nearby can be seen anytime and going to the other side of the globe especially to Asian countries that are rich in culture and heritage can be a very fruitful and life changing experience. One of such countries is the Indonesia which is an amazing archipelago with thousands of islands sprawling across its boundaries and this makes it an ideal vacation choice for not only tourists in west but also to anyone in any part of the world as they can see both land and sea, can get to travel to many islands too.

To make the best of an Indonesian travel for a first time traveler to Indonesia should take the help of a reputed tourism guide in order to book their flights, stay, and getting visa, to cover prominent places along with guidance on significance of the places. Indonesia is also the home of many historical monuments and magnificent temples. Especially the Borobudur temple is a quite famous Buddhist temples and is more than a millennium old. This was even considered as one of the ancients wonders of the world. This temple is one of the existing links to show the connectivity between Indian influence and rule over South East Asia in the past. The temple has been restored and now is a remarkable tourist attraction and stands as an amazing architecture to show the artistic and sculptural feats of ancient times. This is similar to the pyramids where you will have to climb around to see the structure of the temple. The place is surrounded by good scenery and hence when you plan for an Indonesia tour it is important to have this as a part of your must visits travel plan.